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John Skoog Sunvek WA

John Skoog

Chief Sales Officer & Roofing Specialist

John Skoog is Sunvek’s founding father. He has more than a decade of safety experience and has been in the spray foam industry since the eighties. He’s constantly on the move but despite his busy schedule he always has time for a smile and a joke. John is passionate about philanthropy and writing Google reviews. He can most often be seen taking pictures of his food – for Google of course.

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Karen Skoog Sunvek WA

Karen Skoog

Chief Executive Officer & Team Coordinator

Karen Skoog is our management and oversight expert. Karen is a former county commissioner and lifelong entrepreneur. She loves that Sunvek is a family company and is passionate about developing growth plans to help us reach the next level. Karen is dedicated to developing an educated team and can often be heard throwing about phrases like “financial literacy” and “operations growth.”

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SPFA Master Installer Ben Skoog Sunvek WA

Ben Skoog

Chief Production Officer & Master Installer

Ben Skoog is our premier spray foam expert and has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He is an Spray Foam Polyurethane Alliance (SPFA) certified Master Installer. Ben is passionate about technology and is always striving to upgrade our products to the newest and best. Ben is a lot more of a do-er than a talker and you’ll often see him deeply immersed in his work. You may have to tap him on the shoulder to get his attention. Hmm what?

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Erin Skoog Sunvek WA

Erin Skoog

Chief Administration Officer & Fiscal Expert

Erin Skoog keeps our team on task and our books in working order. Erin has professional management experience and has dabbled in finances and retail. If she isn’t getting something done, she’s figuring out how to get it done, and then getting it done. She’s likely to get your job done while she’s at it.

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SPFA Assistant Installer Jake De Lara Sunvek WA

Jake De Lara

Vice President of Production & Assistant Installer

Jake De Lara is Ben’s right hand man. Jake is always a step ahead and keeps things running smoothly. Nothing makes him happier than maintaining, organizing, and cleaning our shop and work trucks so that each workday goes off without a hitch. Jake is an Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) certified Assistant Installer. Jake is Ben’s kindred spirit and you’ll most often observe the two of them enjoying silence together.

Miina De Lara Sunvek WA

Miina De Lara

Customer Service Officer

 Miina has expertise in customer service and marketing management. She has a Master of English degree and enough coffee punch cards to make a full deck. Miina is addicted to PowerPoint and when she isn’t creating slideshows she’s finding a captive audience to show them to.

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Shop Cat

Muffy is a 14 year old family pet who went missing for several years and resurfaced in the beginning of 2024. She was on the edge of death from a severe blood infection and anemia. Muffy has since recovered and enjoys warm laps and debuting in Zoom calls.

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