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White Brick Wall


In the 1980s, John Skoog, a talented and hard working tradesman, started applying coating and spray foam for a company called Sunvek.

Sunvek had been around for a while and had built a reputation based on integrity. It was the go-to roofing company for anybody wanting good value for a quality roof in Phoenix Arizona and the surrounding areas.

John found that he had a knack for roofing, and eventually he saw the opportunity to create his own business, so he partnered with his brothers and founded a roofing business in the early 2000s. John called it SKYTOP which was an acronym for Skoog Kids Yearning To Achieve Prosperity. 


SKYTOP was a full-service commercial and residential roofing and walk deck company. It grew quickly and within just a matter of a couple of year, sales were in the millions, and the company had more than 20 employees.

John 1984

John Skoog installing coatings for Sunvek in 1984

Ben Skoog installing a foam roof for SKYTOP in the early 2000s

John employed his oldest son, Ben, and began teaching him everything he knew about roofing. He saw the same talent and work ethic in Ben that had launched his own career years earlier. Ben had a mechanical aptitude and attention to detail that made him a great fit for spray foam installation.


As SKYTOP continued to grow, they were afforded the opportunity to expand the company by purchasing the rights to the Sunvek name, and continuing the Sunvek legacy of honesty and quality. They jumped at the chance and rebranded SKYTOP as Sunvek.

After several years of owning and operating Sunvek, John was eager to move his family out of the city, and into the countryside of the Pacific Northwest. John sold his shares to his brother and moved to Washington while Ben stayed on with Sunvek in Arizona and continued to develop his roofing expertise.

White Brick Wall


John pursued a successful career as a construction safety enforcement officer for several years. John was happy as a safety officer, but he learned that spray foam roofing was highly underutilized and poorly understood in Spokane, and that roof coatings were often ignored as a way to preserve and extend the life of an existing roof.


John saw the opportunity to expand the options for property owners in Spokane by offering quality roofing and insulation services.


John and his wife, Karen, founded Sunvek WA in 2013.

Ben John SVK Truck_edited.jpg

Father and Son Business Partners

John asked Ben, and his wife Erin, to join the Sunvek ownership team in 2016. Ben's career gained traction from his origins with SKYTOP, and he had worked for some of the largest roofing corporations in the United States. Ben accepted John's invitation to join Sunvek WA and became the primary applicator and project manager while Erin took on an administrative role.

In 2022, the ownership team invited John and Karen's daughter, Miina, and her husband Jake De Lara into the Sunvek ownership team. Jake was Ben's protégé and right hand man since joining the company in 2021. He exemplified the work ethic and integrity so highly valued by Sunvek.

Today, Sunvek continues to be family owned and operated. Our goal is to continue building our reputation of integrity so that we are always to go-to for anybody wanting good value for quality roofing and insulation in Spokane and the surrounding areas.

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