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Spray Applied Roofing

Flat Top Roofing Specialists in Spokane, Washington

Heat and water issues are a thing of the past because spray foam doesn't have joints or seams.
With several polyurethane options to choose from, this versatile application is tailored to your individual needs.
Urethane foam will not sink, slump, or sag with everyday use. It has incredible flexibility, adjusting to a building’s expansion and contraction without cracking, curling, or breaking. Let Sunvek solve all your flat roofing needs. Call us today.

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Why Choose Flat Roofing?

Easy To Apply

  • Spray foam can be applied with 2-3 workers, limiting the noise and disturbance. Expedites new construction and minimizes exposure during reroofing. Spray foam can often be applied directly to the existing roof, eliminating the need for costly tear offs.

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  • Roofing can be built up thicker in low areas of the roof to reduce ponding water and enhance drainage. The result is a watertight roof system that is sustainable and offers superior protection from leaks.


  • The spray foam is fluid applied in a seamless blanket of insulation. It seals creaks and holes while insulating the roof deck from exterior temperature extremes, thus removing the typical expansion and contraction problems typically associated with other roofing systems.

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  • No special adhesives or mechanical fasteners are required. Spray-applied polyurethane foam offers excellent wind uplift resistance that meets and exceeds stringent requirements.


  • Spray-applied polyurethane foam is self-flashing around stacks, vents, ducts and other objects.

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  • Spray foam roofing creates a tough seamless membrane that can be walked on and seals the roof against all leaks.


  • Roofing can be built up thicker in low areas of the roof to reduce ponding water and enhance drainage. The result is a watertight roof system that is sustainable and offers superior protection from leaks.

Spray Applied Foam Roofing
Solar Panels on Roof

Conserve Energy

  • Spray foam roofing offers the lowest thermal conductivity of any commercial roof. Spray foam roofing also has the highest R Value of any roofing system available. In addition, there are no fasteners that cause thermal bridging (energy loss).

Light Weight

  • Spray foam roofing has a high strength-to-weight ratio, this makes polyurethane foam an ideal product for roofing and re-roofing of existing structures.

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Extended Building Life

  • By insulating the roof deck from ambient temperature extremes, damage due to thermal expansion and contraction is eliminated.

Spray Applied Roofing: Services

Spray Foam For Metal Roofing

  • Eliminates Heat Transfer – The metal can no longer expand and contract extending the life of your building. Customers can observe the very next day that something has dramatically changed on their building after foam has been applied.

  • Reduces Conductivity – High heat or cold will transfer into the roof, making your insulation less effective against higher temperature extremes.

  • Minimizes Expansion Rate – Expansion and contraction on metal is higher than other materials.

  • Energy Saving – Lower your energy bill by 20-30%. After five years or less it could pay for itself in heat and A/C savings alone.

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Built Up Roof (BUR)

  • Reduce’s building load, conductivity and builds comprehensive strength!

  • Reduce Leaks – Once a BUR system has water in it, not only is some of the roof insulation being depleted but the moisture has nowhere to go.

  • Easy Repairs – Tar and gravel roofs develop blisters in the tar. Most conventional roofers recommend tearing the roof off at this point to install a new roof system which is labor intensive, disruptive, costly, and a waste of material.

  • Protection from Weather – Spray foam results in a completely sealed, better-insulated roof deck.

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